Slivers are really thin. A sliver of cake. A sliver of chocolate. Sometimes a sliver is just enough. I may not really want to eat entire piece of cake. There are times when just a small piece can give the perfect amount of satisfaction. Some may call it a tease, but it arouses the taste buds just enough. The sweetness lingers just enough without ruining dinner.

Can there be a sliver of time? Is it possible to carve out a small, sweet, thoroughly enjoyable sliver of time? It could be a perfect moment to pause and enjoy something before we get to the real business of our day. So much of our days are filled with the real “meat” of our existence that we forget the pleasurable slivers we could squeeze into our day. Certainly, these slivers are a tease, but who can argue with the pleasure in that?

Stop a moment and just stare out your window. Pause while you chew up your food and really focus on how it tastes. Comb your hair. Breathe.

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