My Little Guy

My first born son is an absolute joy. He is so smart, so clever, so funny and just a delight. He is covered with freckles, like a million angel kisses. He is my sunshine. I would sing that song to him almost every night. Now I sing it to his brother, but I catch him standing in the doorway listening. He also has his very own song I made up just for him when he was but 1 month old.

He is brave. He tried out for the basketball team again this year. For a small, private school, the tryouts are incredibly competitive. For a second year in a row, he did not make the team. He worked hard for this. He has the sweetest 3 pt shot. But then, I am his momma and think his burps are sweet. He will survive this. I wanted to make it all perfect. Part of raising a strong son is preparing him for the constant grind of the masculine world. The pack mentality is foreign to me, so I do not help him by sheltering him too much. But, is he ready to run in that pack at eleven? He is growing up so fast. But I also want him to be a strong man. An honorable man. A humble man. A loving and forgiving man. Do I serve him by letting him know I am willing to fiercely protect him?


Love expresses itself in many ways. As a mother, I will praise him. I will lift him up. I will be honest and try to lay the foundation of a relationship that will grow. I am so proud of him in every way possible.

2 thoughts on “My Little Guy”

  1. What a wonderful entry to your son. I suspect these words and emotions make him feel safe and protected. He is growing up so fast. I’m sorry he didn’t make the team. Maybe it’s because there is something else he is going to be great at and God knows he doesn’t need to be restricted to basketball practice when that time comes. I know that doesn’t comfort a crushed 11 year olds emotions. I know he is going to do something so great! We just don’t know what it is so far..and you are so right he is so funny and amazing. Chin up Cam…you were robbed!! :) Leslie

  2. <p><p>Boy.. he is so handsome! I too am so proud of him. </p><br />
    <p>I know he will watch and listen to us and learn from this horrible experience. It is not fair to an 11 year old to be displaced from the team because of other’s agendas. </p><br />
    <p>In a weird way this brings back memories for me when I was about his age and tried to make the soccer team. It makes it especially hard when most of the players are your friends. I wonder how this affected me in other ‘tryouts’ since. </p><br />
    <p>I’m going to go tell Cam I love him and that I am very proud.</p></p>

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