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Halloween in Cutler Ridge was serious business, specifically candy. Costumes came in cardboard boxes with the hardpalstic mask under the stiff cellophane. My block was shaped like a boomerang. We walked from Gulfstream across the footbridge. We must have gone to 150 houses. I knew all these people. We hit every house. I would come home with a pillow case full of candy. The sidewalks were crowded with kids. We hunted candy and watched for friends. It was idyllic. We gave all the nasty black, orange and yellow wrapped taffy to Joey Nelson. we gave our mom all the Bit O’ Honey. Pixie Stix. Mounds. Rolls of Lifesavers. Jolly Ranchers….the flat sticks the size of small rulers. I loved Halloween.

This is my childhood haunt. The arrow sits atop my house.


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