Gift Giving

I know that one of my love languages is gift giving. I enjoy the selection of a gift. As I get older and the people I am shopping for are also adults, the gift giving is more thoughtful. My gifts usually express something meant specifically for the recipient. Be happy. Enjoy life. Life is sweet. Isn’t life grand? Life is good. Laughter is therapy. Silliness counts.

Ultimately, I like to surprise people. I love the Secret Santa at the office. I like the White Elephant gift exchanges, too. That is when I break the rules and slide in a truly desirable gift, something extravagant and luxurious. We have a local boutique, called Paddiwhack. The nooks and crannies are filled with knick knacks. I walk through the place and I connect people with trinkets. These are not items anyone NEEDS. This place is filled with the lovely, basically purposeless novelties that are sheer indulgences.

And is that not the point of a gift? While a practical gift is worthwhile, the impractical gift is decadence. It is so much easier to justify when you receive an indulgence than if you indulge yourself.  It makes you feel grand! I get a gift when it is a total surprise. How often do we have the opportunity to offer another person such an unexpected thing?

The unexpected gift is always more luscious simply by being unexpected. Unpredictable. A treat.

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