The End of the Rainbow

The perfect fall day in northern Florida. The weatherman predicted 40% chance of rain with severe storms. He was so wrong. It was glorious. The sky was so blue it hurt. Birllian white cotton candy clouds super high in the sky and moving fast.

Close your eyes and you here the sounds of children at play. Many children. There is a public address system off in the distance and someone makes announcements about raffle tickets. You can smell fresh popcorn, grilling hotdogs and cotton candy. The ground is slightly damp for the sun showers late yesterday afternoon. You can smell the damp soil.

Today was the Pot O’Gold festival at school. The safest day. It is so nostalgic for me because I can let my children be completely free. I give them a bag of tickets and they come back late in the afternoon when they are all spent. They are smelly, filthy, exhausted and completely content. It is a flashback to a simpler time when all children were safe and all moms could be assured their children were protected from harm.

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