I love my iPod. We have all of our CDs copied onto the house server. I just transferred a long list of CDs to my laptop. I will sync my iPod and have nearly 3 days of music. Unbelieveable. Paul bought the new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers film Running Down the Dream. It is nearly 4 hours of footage and interviews of TP. I would never have listed Petty as one of my favored artists. But I just made my playlist of Petty songs. Fourteen absolutely amazing songs. Quintessential Petty.

Free Fallin

Here comes my Girl

Learning to Fly

Running Down the Dream


I Won’t Back Down

Don’t Do Me Like That

Into the Great Wide Open

American Girl

Love is a Long Road


Stop Draggin My Heary Around

Southern Accents

Even the Losers






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