I have spent the past day on the bus from my town in Florida to Washington, DC. My oldest son is on the safety patrol trip. We left  Gainesville at nearly midnight, last night and drove straight through to Springfield, Virginia. Twelve busses. Over 600 kids. It is a lesson in submission. I got on the bus with a pillow and blanket and enough things to occupy myself (hopefully). I allowed myself to be carried away. I had to let go of obligations, chores, projects, bills, communications and my hobbies. I disconnected for over 12 hours. Instead of feeling trapped and getting nervous, I let myself sink into a sense of stillness and quiet, even though the kids were rowdy and raucous and caged. I felt calm and serene and abandoned to the idea that I am here for my son, to follow him and assist him. I want to make his experience easy and fun and memorable. It is a good thing to let go and just BE.

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