A working mother

I am on a school field trip as a chaperone. Of the six chaperones, five are women and four of us work full-time. I struggle with balance as a working mother with two small kids. I worry and fear I am not doing a good job at either my paying job or as a mother. Being around these moms, I realize that there is no right way to be a good mom. I think that they are all very good mothers. They are attentive to their kids, they set boundaries, they show concern and affection, they let their children (who are tweens) enough freedom to explore but not get hurt (hopefully). And…they do it while working. Like me, these women have careers, jobs that are serious and substantial. And they has raised good kids, smart kids, funny, belly laughing kids who are adorable and seem very well-adjusted. I can put aside my fears of failing my sons as their mother for now and feel assured that my center of balance may be very different from another mom’s but I am doing it right. I have more faith.

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