My Daddy

I love my Daddy. My relationship with my father in the last few years has been estranged for a variety of reasons. It does not change the fundamental feelings I have towards my father. In fact, the feeling I have for my Daddy makes the last few years all the more difficult. I have chosen not to focus on how bereft I am; rather, I will focus on the memories of my daddy. I want to remember how he once was and how I need him to be.

I am now a grown woman, with children of my own, but my Daddy will always be larger than life. I will always be his Dinky. When I was a child and young person, he was smart, clever, always thinking, funny, looking to have fun. He was a playful person. My mother loved him very much and their marriage was the blueprint upon which my sisters and I started our own marriages. Our husbands all came to view dad as a father figure.

I love him very much.


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