I downloaded a book this morning to go on my iPod. I use I can download unabridged books. I think there is a difference in how I experience a book when I listen to it as opposed to seeing it. The spoken word goes through a different part of my brain than the written word. The first book i listened to on my iPod was The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini and he did the reading. In my lifetime, this is certainly in the top 10 books I have ever read. I downloaded his second book today. I find reading to be immersable. I loose myself in a book and will often sit and read a 300 or 400 page book almost cover to cover. Listening to it actually demands I slow down. I often take longer to listen to a book than read it because I get distracted. I process the spoken word slower.

Brains are fascinating. What we see and what we hear are often very different. We can “read” so much simply by a person’s body language. We can “hear” so much by the tone or inflection in how something is said. So much of human communication is subtlety and has nothing to do with words at all. we are a complicated species.

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