I got up this morning and took my youngest son to get doughnuts. We have pretty decent doughnuts at our local grocery store, Publix. They make cake and raised and jelly filled. In our house, doughnuts usually have to have chocolate on them. We also have a Krispy Kreme. The actually make the doughnuts on site and there is a big neon sign in the window to indicate when they are hot and ready. My husband has many a memory of hot, glazed KK doughnuts when he was in college at UF. The KK is open 24 hours and was a perfect place to stumble into at 2 am. The KK was right next to Chinee Takee Outee, Falafel King and The Burrito Brothers. They are all Gainesville institutions.

We also have a local owner doughnut store that makes a wide variety of poofs and puffs. The problems is that they run out of doughnuts quickly.

We have a brand new Dunkin Donuts. Evan and I drove 1 extra mile to get DnD. I like DnD donuts. I drank about 1000 extra large DnD coffees during my rotateions through the emergency rooms at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Caffiene, adrenaline and a whopping dose of FEAR were essential parts of my medical training.

I now prefer my own coffee, in my favorite mug and a leisurely read through the paper. A chocolate glazed old fashioned doughnut is a bonus.

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