I have three cats. Domino is my oldest. She is 18 years old this summer. She is the offspring of a cat Paul had in college, Mattie. Sheis a calico and very petite and probably senile. Last May we got 2 new kittens. Both tabbies: one marmalade and one gray. The Orange tabby is Gumbo, named after New Orleans. He is in love with me. He sits on me. If I close him out of the bedroom, he claws the carpet trying to get to me. He sleeps on me regardless of the position I am in. He demands my attention. He does not cry but he head butts me to be petted. Luther, the gray tabby, is more reserved and quiet. He will occasionally cry. I think cats are cool. I watch them and wonder what they are thinking. They are always so content. I would like to be a cat.

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