Frugality is a practice, a habit, a principle. While I can be extravagant and impulsive, in many ways, I am frugal. I like to use what I have. And, if I am honest, I often have plenty. Plenty is the preparedness of the frugal person. I have a well stocked pantry, I plan to have the most common, necessary ingredients so that I can make from scratch something to eat. It means we eat better and cleaner. But I am frugal with my crafts. I have a well-stocked fabric stash, so that I can start and often finish a project with what I *already have*.

The same applies to my yard and garden. While I love to go to the nursery and buy what they have in full bloom, I like to divide and transplant and harvest what has arrived unexpected or volunteered. My native Florida wild onions provide a plethora of seed heads. Last year I collected a Mason pint jar full of tiny, baby bulbs. I have scattered them into a few other beds and they will spread. My rain lillies are the same, they multiply and appear in their neighboring beds, so I dig them up and move them.

This year I relocated some irises. They multiplied and when they peeked they lime green shoots through the soil, I levered them up and relocated them to a stretch along the new patio deck.

I added some Africanis gladiolas,  divided massive Mulhy grass lump that had exceeded it previous local  and spaced it through the new strip bed. I sprinkled zinnia seeds collected from last years late summer blooms  before mulching with pine straw.