Sitting at the outdoor patio at SuperetteGNV, a lovely wine bar on the east side of town, he asks me the definition of determined. He’d written a business proposal and wanted to confirmed he’d used the word in proper context. The root word – determine – indeed has five definitions. The origin of the word comes from Latin terminare or terminus, which means the limit, the boundary. It is to decide, define, resolve. To be resolute. And I love the combination of the word indefatigable with the word determined. To be inexhaustibly resolute.

We’ve come to a threshold. To make a final decision. To step forward in a new direction, to do something new, absolutely original and unique. And we ask…are we determined? Assured? Convinced? Confident?

Determination demands resolve but also faith. To believe in the idea, the dream, the notion. To have vision of something. To create something new, pull into existence something with potential and form it into a differentiated and determined thing.

It requires boldness and audacity and the capacity to couch fear and push through. By faith. Not only in yourself but in the IDEA. The concept.