Getting Lost and Found

Seven months lost. To the pandemic. To the monotony. To purposeful distraction. When the world grinds to a halt ( or worse, fails to grind to a halt) and a novel virus spreads across the earth, what does one do to manage. I am less worried about dying. I envisions a ravaging plague that decimated massive swaths of humanity. And, maybe, those deaths are yet to begin. Maybe the double dromedary outbreaks were a mild portent of the winter we now face, but I have learned some things. And I feel more prepared.

The masks work. I wash my hands. Twice as much as before. I sleep more. I deactivated Facebook and found space in my brain. I intentionally started projects, learned some new things, tried different things. I kept myself occupied. And life simplified.

Tuesday is Election Day. What shall we face on Wednesday? What is the future? The Covid is not going away. And winter is coming. So, I shall find a new project.

A new quilt after finishing this one: A wedding quilt that I gave as a gift.

A new vinegar to replace these: Homemade pear vinegars made from our sand pears.

A new skill in the kitchen: making a sourdough starter that I am going to use to make an Election Cake.

I am still learning the new version of wordpress and as I learn, I’ll fix things. I figured out how to convert back to the classic editor instead of the block editor.

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