Write the perfect sentence. If perfection eludes, write nothing. Right? No! And when I say No! in my head, it is with a decidedly Quebec-qua accent….not quite French. No!

Simply. Honestly. Write. No one is reading. There is no Google search engine pulling your wee little online diary into the internet stratosphere. No one sees this. No one reads it. So, dump your cerebral junk drawer here.

It’s how you start to declutter your brain and thaw your heart and oil your joints. Write those silly, quirky filaments of ideas and observations. You have something. You have something to say. You string together good stuff. Trust that voice that keeps your inner-self entertained and preoccupied. And write it down. Be heard, even if it is simply to hear your own voice. Words spoken aloud, even in a deep forest free of any other humans, are different that talking inside your head. The Universe cannot take your thoughts; chemical transmissions across cerebral synapses are indecipherable. Once spoken aloud or written down, released from the synapses, thoughts convert and join the Universe. They become tangible. They become REAL. Realisa.

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