Unfolding anew

The first day of the newest year begins. Begin how? Begin with what? Will time change? Decide if you want time to change. Change is life. Nothing vibrant or vital stays static. Even mountains dance. Change arrives without invitation, without welcome, without notice. Change holds hostage, demanding ransom or leaving regret. So, surrender to change. Submit to the change that is coming. Do not resist. For, if one believes in the Universe and the forces of Evolution – or one has Faith and lays their whole firmament into the arms of The Great Creator, from whom all good things come and Who gave us the righteous path back to Paradise – then one must believe that ALL CHANGE is heading toward the greater good, my greater good. To resist if futile. To fight change squanders precious energy and resources and is bad for the environment – YOUR environment. So, be open to change. Do not fear….well, to be honest, being fearful is human, so have faith that you are not alone in this process of changing. Change is great and good and wonderful. It is a testament that you are alive. The opposite of change is death. Have faith that even in hibernation, we are changing. But, to hibernate for a long winter, one must prepare to weather that phase of suspended animation. Baby steps still pull you forward to the better you, into the arc or your narrative that changes you more fully into your meant-person. Who are you MEANT TO BE? A mother? A healer? A storyteller? A story-collector? A student? A wife? Are you meant to lead or follow? Are you meant to be curious or adventurous? How does this particular position or attitude help you be your best Meant-Person? Maybe it is to be suspicious. Or to doubt. We can all be well-served by being Thomas for a moment and hearing Christ’s stern and confident voice telling us not to doubt and SHOWING us why we can trust He tells us the truth. He will take our fingers and place them in His wounds if that is what is needed to clear our doubts and step confidently into the future He has cleared for us. 

Are you ready for change? 

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