See Aquaman because it’s fun. Jason Momoa. Nuf said. But see Aquaman and think about the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the third parable of redemption. They tinker with the boundless and ever-merciful love, not of a father but of a mother. Even being entrapped in the core of the earth with the Kraken cannot weaken that bond of love.

But the boundless and divine love that redeems does not care if we are pure in lineage. We do not earn this love. It is by Grace and Mercy. And it does not require an ancient test of wills or a golden trident. Their is no battle in a ring of fire to conquer or reign. The battle has been fought and won for us.

All we need do is set out for home with our broken hearts and seek forgiveness, offered humbly and honestly. And the door shall open, the arms will encircle, the feast laid in celebration.

Read about the three Parables of Redemption: the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Lost Son here.

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