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Am or Be

I want to be happy. Be happy. There is a Catch-22 in this phrase. Be happy puts happy somewhere out there in the future. Most other feelings we ARE. I am sad. I am angry. I am afraid. We don’t phrase it, “I want to be angry.” Nope. The negative emotions, those associated with bad spectrum feelings we permit ourselves to BE. But the good spectrum emotions get shoved forward in time, someplace out there beyond where we currently reside.

Start being happy right where you are. I am happy. Right now. Happy just because I can decide to FEEL happy. As easily as I can let fear walk in. Or doubt. Or insecurity. Those buggers get easy access, the Fast Pass on board. Why make Happy stand in line?

I am happy. There is warm pound cake. The gloriosa lilies are blooming. There was a deer in the backyard this morning. It’s Tuesday. I am in love. I am happy. It’s not about Being Happy. Happy just is. Feel happy. Do it, damn it.

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