“People who are different have a shot at being original.” ~ Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

Find yourself. Know yourself. Artists create, they write or paint, dance or sing. The desire to create pushes and demands. But the vocation, if allowed, creates you. It is a rendering. With time, you become what is meant. You are the creation. The vocations makes you.

So, what happens when you are called to a vocation AND have the heart of an artist? Supremacy lies with which force? The police officer or the pianist? The teacher or the soprano? The mother or the ballerina? The doctor or the writer?

When you are the Master’s creation, the Master rules supreme. Submit. Allow. Be rendered. And in the force of that creation, the sparks for you own creative flow arise. If it is in you, it will rise. Fruition.

Pause and savor the vocation. The call to serve. To help. To be clever. To be smart. To lead. To care. To listen. And, carved between heart beats and inhalations, liver margins and patellar reflexes, you offer solace and shelter. When the rhythm flows, your own creative urge emerges.

Honor the vocation by being creative. Stay open. Listen for the whispers. Acknowledge the flow. Identify the signs and name them. Claim them. And render your own world into your creation.

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