Some days just suck. Like epic suckage. You leave work and trudge through the grocery store getting…..what was it you needed from the store? Often, you get halfway home and realize that you just spent $41.97 at Publix and DID NOT GET DEODORANT! Like I said…suckage. I will smell like a 17 year old boy tomorrow wearing Axe deodorant. Meaning that tomorrow might totally suck, too.

Then when you get home and release the hound from her crate, you are reminded that aspirin therapy is an unfortunate combination when your dog has long nails and likes to jump up on you. In two days I will look like Freddy Kruger had used me as a scratching post. The only bright side is that I won’t be getting nekkid for anyone anytime soon.

And I am on call….so no drinks to alleviate the general suckitude of the day. I stand in the pantry staring, annoyed by the general lack of OCD-worthy order when I notice the TWO dusty bottles of Guinness stout.

Guinness stout

Solution? Guinness chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Baking assuages the area of my brain that is also cullified (I made this word up) by alcohol, chocolate and shopping (for furniture or kitchen gadgetry). The office staff will get chocolate cupcakes made with BEER for treats tomorrow. And I did not eat any of them. All 24 pristine cakettes are frosted and await transport.

Chocolate Guinness cupcakes

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