The cold is coming tonight. While ‘cold’ is relative for Floridians, having temperatures below 30F with wind chills down into the teens is truly rare. The oddity of this front is the wind. Wind is a summer phenomena. Wind is a tropical storm-hurricane characteristic. Wind in the winter is frankly disturbing. I sat trying to read and the wind was so fierce it caused my front door to creak and the fire in the fireplace (yes, I have a real fireplace) to back draft. The wind knocked over my metal goat, who stands guard at the backdoor.

I don’t like this wind. The constant buffeting of wind grates on my nerves. I’ve taken my Benadryl (sleep aid). I have ear plugs. The Younger son is finally home after 10 days away. I uprighted the goat and set all the faucets to dripping outside. I’ve covered the succulents on the potted garden on the back porch and ringed them with a strand of Christmas lights before covering them with fleece. I ate a few warm cookies. But I just know that I will have poor dreams tonight. Too many things blowing through my head coupled with the wind whistling around the house.

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