Coconut macaroonsThe kitchen was a half mess from last night’s late salad/dinner after the gym. I went to my first yoga class tonight and came home to an encore salad/dinner tonight. After unloading and loading the dishwasher, I had a craving for macaroons, the proper Passover kind sans flour. Why? Cuz it’s Tuesday and I went to yoga and managed to keep from falling over. I literally fall over. Literally. Exhale and lean into asparagashanah and I fall over. Something to do with my feet. Unless I am looking right at them, I am not really sure where they are in space. Weird, I know. But, I am so thrilled for my amazing build, Kara for tackling a new life challenge. In addition to building a new house in MY neighborhood, kitty corner from my very home home, she has accomplished getting her yoga instructor certification. I am really proud of her and went to her class to be supportive. She is a really good teacher and as I was hoping, the class was not “earthy” in any way… fact, I think it will be ‘Earthy’ in a Newberria sort of way: actual dirt from the pasture.

I’ve been in funks before. I been in ruts and if I am honest, this rut is a deep as it’s gotten in a long time. I could find a litany of potential causes, very few of which I have much control over. So, I must search for those things I can leverage. I can’t pull a 47 year old version of Forrest Gump. When I was 15, I did the original version: running. I ran and ran and ran. I ran through my freshman year in college until I torn up my meniscus. If I could make a wave file, my right knee sounds like it’s filled with fish tank gravel. A decade ago, I started walking at the track at Santa Fe College. Walking on a treadmill isn’t as effective. Surprisingly, yoga tonight was very effective. I am content tonight with being the mom who has her Youngest ahead of the game on his English project, the woman likely to pull the trigger on purchasing the airplane tickets for London this week, the gift giver who can send the perfect gift that speaks to another person’s heart, that hands them the one thing they want most in the world – or at least a healthy reminder. I am the gardener with baby green tomatoes on the vine. I am the person perfectly tolerant to the mini-mountain of clean laundry piled on the dining room table. Plus, I have macaroons. And with Rhye playing on the iTunes, what can better. It’s an album embedded with really great memories.

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