Wake Me Momma

I find this note left in front of the coffee maker. Waking to such a sweet note thoroughly makes my day and re-orders whatever might be misaligned in my life. While I get lonely and occasionally feel marginalized – for it is not the natural order of things for my children to serve as my companions or friends – it lightens my heart when they do things such as these. I left shortly after this discovery to go to the farmers’ market to get eggs and fresh things to cook with. About an hour later my cell phone rang and my younger son’s sleep voice says, “Where are you Momma?” When I came back from the market, he tells me that he went into my bedroom to crawl into bed and snuggle only to discover I was gone. Again, my heart swelled to twice its normal size.

We made poached eggs with those uber fresh eggs I had acquired and laid them atop fresh, warm croissants with a dollop of hollandaise sauce and some fresh applewood smoked bacon.

It is the simplest things that fill my life and blot out the woe and fear. I might doubt myself is some areas but as a mother – at least today – I know I’ve done something right.

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