The year draws to an end. 2013 is nearly over. And I think 2014 will be a fantastic year. I am usually guarded about my predictions, even though I am a natural (albeit private) optimist. I secretly will believe to my innermost core that something will go right, but I am reluctant to speak my feelings aloud. It’s not superstition. I am quiet because I don’t have the fortitude to combat the pessimist. And some days (some years) I was surrounded by bleak, dismal pessimists, ruled by their fear and apprehension. I am not a fearful person. I am not averse to risk. Some might call me a stubborn idealist because if I believe in something, I usually am under the belief structure that I cam make it happen through the sheer application of effort….time and effort. What is the phrase, “How do you move a mountain? One spoonful at a time.” And I am persistent like that. I might bitch and moan through parts of the task, but I never stop, I never quit. If it’s something I want, something I believe, something I envision…..I just keep at it.

I think, I foresee that 2014 will be good. Maybe better than good. I think it will be ONE OF THOSE YEARS. In our lifetimes there are those years where BIG things happen. Some years those big things are catastrophic, like Hurricane Andrew. Other years are great for good reasons, like the births of my sons or the year we built our home. And while 2014 is the year my oldest graduates from high school and goes off to college, it feels like this coming year will be bigger for other reasons, additional reasons. And if I am right….then it means I have to start envisioning what I want to happen for me this coming year and get out my spoon and start scooping it up. Dreams are made one small piece at a time. And this next year feels like its gonna be a great year, one of THOSE YEARS.

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