Sunday May

What a truly lovely day! My lamentation yesterday was that the dreary weather needed to move on because after two days of gloom and drizzle, I’m done. I want my Florida days sunny with maybe a wicked thunderstorm in the late afternoon or the middle of the night. They blow in, crack and down pour and move off shore. But two days of dreary drizzle was my limit. It is a blessing I was born in Florida.

I had my first casual dinner gathering. For Cinco de Mayo, the American fabricated celebration of Mexican Independence (because every one else must have the same important holidays as America) my friends came over for custom quesadillas. I got small red, yellow and orange sweet peppers at the farmers’ market Saturday along with purple onions and yellow squash. Add some homemade guacamole and pico de gallo and you have a fiesta! I made individual strawberry cobblers from Paula Deens’ recipe and I must admit….they were yummy with a bit of vanilla ice cream on top.

I finished Evan’s quilt top and now I have 2 quilts to take to to Miss Bonnie and her long arm machine. I am a pleased little pea in my pod on this late Sunday night. My kids are in bed and the day is done. God bless.

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