Spring has started. The replacement seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange arrived yesterday. This weekend I will set about starting the new basil varieties and the tomatoes. My cheater toms, purchased at Garden Gate Nursery have recovered from being frozen and trimmed back. I laid the new low rider garden beds and the onions, carrots, potatoes and climbing cucumbers and eggplants will go in the lo riders. The tomatoes, peppers and basil in the high beds. I may transplant the strawberries to the individual cells of the low rider bricks. I just need to get 36 bags of soil, hummus and Black Kow to the house.

The blueberries have flowered and set fruit. I didn’t pinch off the fruit. It’s likely that the birds will get the majority of the fruit anyways. I will plant another fourteen high bush shrubs this year. The improvised drip line sprinkler has been effective. The wild blackberries have all started to flower, including the trench I transplanted. My bees will have an abundance of blackberry blossoms for pollen. I am hoping for a nice dark honey. I accidentally sowed lettuce seeds with the cosmos and zinnias along the beard wall at the foot of all the frost damaged Confederate jasmine. It will be a low lying ground cover if not an addition to the dinner plate. I planted the leeks in one of the cells of the herb terrace and they have come up nicely. They are walking Egyptian leeks, so, I may need to move them if they start to walk too far astray.

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