The day is quiet except for the dishwasher. After getting help from Steve this morning with my bee hive, I spent a few hours weeding the rose bed, watering the pecan trees and the new fruit trees and then doing my bills. I took a small nap, too. It was crisp and sunny this morning but it is now hazy from someone’s burn pile. Considering my own burn pile made plenty of smoke the last two weekend, it seems only fair. I am glad the pile of yard debris is finally burned….it only took two years.

We added a “super” to my bee hive this morning, a third story. We checked all the frames and Steve took 4 frames that had new queen cells formed. They will (hopefully) be the progenitor of hive #2. By April, I will have honey flowing. It is satisfying and rewarding to make, grow, raise, harvest or gather my own food. The hive is so healthy and bountiful, packed with worker bees that I know I will have flowers and blossoms everywhere and honey to spare.

But, the day is quiet. The boys are with their father. The cats sleep curled on the backs of the sofa cushions. I’ve paid the bills and put the stamped envelopes on the mailbox for collection tomorrow. I need to go buy cement mix to make the pad for the new hive, which should return this week. I need to reposition the current hive to a location actually on my lot; currently it sits about 8 ft into lot #4. I know I need to go run to Lowe’s but it is a quiet day, a solitary day and I am content in my own little hive.






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