Freaky Friday

Instead of making my usual and customary Sharpie marker list of chores and errands to do today on this day off, I decided to wing it. The compulsive part of me likes to scratch off the tasks from the list, the permanent marker testimony of the job’s completion. Instead, I simply decided to not decide. I am a multi-tasker juggling multiple activities at once. Today, I decided to be linear. One task at a time. One thing at a time. Finish this before starting that. Just wait. Hold up. I’ll do that next thing when I finish this thing. So the day has gone.

I cheated by running some loads of laundry while I did some other things but I admittedly haven’t done much. I made paraffin dipped pine cones. for my stash of fire starters. I I made banana walnut mini loaves. Evan and I assembled the new firewood rack last night and this morning I relocated wood from the pile to the rack for easier access. I brought in the 8 ft ladder and using the extended crank, managed to open the awning windows on the front entrance dormer window. The cross ventilation through the house is sweet. I walked the perimeter of the property to assess the back fence line and the remainder of the wood rail fence that needs painting and discovered a well-concealed survey stake that attests to my beehive being solidly on Lot #4 and not my lot (#5). Fortunately, all the newly planted blueberry bushes sit right on the property line. Oh to have the dilemma of violating the property rights of a neighbor, as if anyone will buy the lot right next to me and build any time soon. I am now running the sprinkler and checking all the heads and sprayers to make sure they are in tact.

Then I will head out to do a few easy errands: pick up stuff from the alterations, purchase a new rose bush, get a soaker hose to water the blueberries, collect the area rub from the drycleaners, go by Tipple’s Brew and see if they have any American Blonde, a Belgium pale ale and then to Rack Room shoes to return the shoes Cameron vetoed. Then it is back home for a lazy conclusion to a lazy day. I say all this knowing that on a dime, I can coil back up as fast as a viper, this languid state is foreign and unfamiliar. Like a long creased piece of paper, I fold back up reflexively into that anticipatory state of readiness, ready for whatever contingencies may present.

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