Like a fist full of dry spaghetti, I wake with a mind full of stories, fragments of stories and tales to tell. I pull at them as I lay in bed resisting waking. The first person voice is the strongest and the one I shove away. I am not ready to climb into the head of another and I am not sure I can distance my own voice and its apparent desire to be heard. It would likely overpower the gossamer story I wake with  in my head, the Jahari view into a person. I set that aside. Do I pull at the opinions about dreaming and building dreams and having faith in oneself and the faith to place faith in others, both strangers and those known and close? I feel like that is a story best told in pictures and through viewing than in words. Words diminish the spectacular and a picture has done far more to convey the building of a dream. If only I could find the time and space to work on the Biddan Ridge website and blog. Time. Another thread is the ever elusive sense of time and how malnourished and time sick I am – we all are. Not enough time to do all that we must don, want to do, desire to do. Time in an age when all things move fast and gadgetry is meant to aid in the Pentium lifecycle. Except, want I want to write about is getting off the Pentium 21G mega-giga-hexa warp 9 life. I don’t want GPS tracking, Instangraming, Tweeting, Updating, anonymity and isolation that is bizarrely connected and lacks all genuine privacy and impedes – nay, obstructs – the notion of simple living.

Simple living is local grown food, scratch made meals, books read by light bulbs off paper and not a tablet that needs charging and satellite connectivity. It is recipes looked up from cookbooks off a shelf. It is leafing through photo albums and not digital files. What happens when there is a power outage and no internet. Between the thunderstorm last night, the Blizzard servers being offline for 15 minutes (in reality 5 hours) and a Reveton – Citadel malware virus that took 10 hours to wipe clean from my son’s computer (let’s not discuss where and what he was browsing through to contract such a virus) – we’ve had a weekend of patchy “connectivity.

I elected to spend much of each morning outside doing yard work, weeding, planting, gardening. I did some baking and cooking and house chores. I selected fabric for the black out curtains for one of the boys’ bedrooms and we went and saw a movie old school – at the theater. We saw Looper. A good futuristic sci-fi flick is always good for discourse.

Simple living means slowing down and LIVING. Simple living can’t be done at warp 9.


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