So much changes so quickly. The illusory nature of time confounds me. For two years, time has crept slowly forward. Often it felt at a standstill. And then, like warp five, time flies forward and everything is changes. My dream house finishes – two full weeks ahead of contract – and on my birthday no less. How amazing is that. I have utmost and total confidence in my builder, Kara Sutton. She has been faithful and dedicated to the project despite a plethora of obstacles. And with unprecedented integrity, she has delivered on the deal. The house is the true personification of my dream, my vision, my imagination. She took the hologram that has resided in my mind and converted it into a tangible place I can walk and lie and sing and cook. I can’t begin to express the magical quality of such and event. It has been beyond overwhelming. I have had an upheaval of emotions completely unexpected.

Then, to my great surprise and amazement, my staff volunteers to help move my boxes, leaving just furniture for the professional movers. The prospect made me uncomfortable. Were they “volunteering” or did they feel obligated? After work on last Friday, the majority of my staff and their spouses with trucks and trailers and hand trucks showed up and moved all of my packed affairs. In less than two hours, it was done. Again, breathtaking and emotionally overwhelming. Performing acts of services is a rare and uncommon kindness. Their efforts were completely generous and unconditional….although I did feed them. And what a blessing to be breaking bread with the people I work. I loved having them in my new house with my family for that first meal.



And now, a week later, with some minor (and not so minor) set backs, I am moved, unpacked and relocated. I have functioning utilities sans trash pick up. I have gotten my first letter and first package delivery. The hummingbirds have found my fire spike plants. The blue birds clutter the back yard and my fox squirrel, which looks more like a cross between a lemur and a meerkat scampered all around the back yard today. I have cooked with basil from my herb garden. I made the executive decision to drill a hole through the concrete block wall to get the DISH cable installed for my Hopper. And now, I am doing my first blog post from Biddan Ridge. I will soon be posting and writing about the whole building process and giving credit and acknowledgements to all the many local vendors and services that participated in this dream made real.



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