Each day gets closer and closer. Every small step that moves forward gets closer. Such is progress, such is life. Achievement is the general, cumulative force towards a goal regardless of velocity. Achievement could be reduced to a fairly simple physics formula that includes effort, energy, mass, speed, direction. It would have to factor the variables of opposing vectors of force, friction, resistance and volume. If you constrict or impede the natural flow or expand a space, the amount of work required, the effort involved changes proportionally. My favorite component of elementary physics was the capacitor. That device that allows a machine to STORE energy that can be tapped or added to the usually machines function to give a boost or to serve in times of power outages. It’s kind of like a battery but I think of it like that small outboard motor you keep hanging off the back of the boat next to the monster twin 300’s. It’s just there, ready and able to add some juice.

I feel like a machine some days. I’d rather be a machine than a tool (pun intended). I like the image of the Little Engine that could. I just keep at it. And each day I get closer and closer. I respect the laws of physics, the laws of nature. While some days I wish I could suspend reality and live in a holodeck, (which is a whole separate branch of physics) the real world is truly lovely. And each day I get closer and closer to solving one of my life’s great equations.

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