Canning the day

This past weekend I picked wild blackberries on my property and made seedless blackberry jam. Two years ago when I first bought my property, I picked berries and made jam (with the seeds). It was tasty, nay delicious, but the microseeds drove me crazy. The recent rains have plumped the berries and the brambles are packed with black gems. Wild blackberry jam as Christmas gifts will be fabulous, don’t you think? The whole prospect was made easy with my new Roma Food grinder. I will be picking more blackberries this weekend and making more jam. Other than the fig, the blackberry is by far the best thing I’ve canned.

Other than the fig, the blackberry is by far the best thing I’ve canned.



I also think I have a potential tutor for teaching me pressure canning. I am committed to the concept of “growing at least one edible thing”. In the foodie and locavore movements, the idea of growing your own food or supporting local folks who are growing food close by is something in which I firmly believe. I am eager to start gardening. I planted my smaller, 1-gallon Arbequina olive trees at a right angle to my three 3-gallon trees. The southwest corner of the property will be olive central. I named the three larger trees Penny, Bernadette and Amy Farah Fowler. I think I have committed to naming the three smaller trees Jordan, Gretzky and Tiger. I am hoping they grow into giants in their own rights.

I made the amazing coconut muffins again this morning and true to my form, I can never leave a recipe un-tweaked. Make the Smitten Kitchen recipe as written the first time but then, the possibilities are wide and extensive. This morning I substituted almond extract for the vanilla, added 1/4c dried tart cherries and a handful of Peterbrooke Chocolates flat baking chips. I’ll take the goodies into the office to share.


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