Sunday Sew Down

Well, after a few day of stillness….and frankly boredom….I want to do something crafty. I need my hands at a task so my mind can run play-options. I watched the Saints vs 49ers game last night and yelled so hard at the TV screen in the last 3 minutes of the game I pee’d a little. What a disappointment. I wanted NOLA and Drew Brees to advance. I’d like Mr. Brees with a box of crackers, honestly. Then as is the requirement of Gainesville residency, I watched the Broncos vs Pats game….or at least started to until the point margin seemed beyond the Blessed Mother. I think a Pats vs 49ers game would be a hard fought game. The Broncos and Tebow just took a beating last night.  I suppose I should really check the AP and verify no miracles occurred…..

So today, my intent is to cut fabric and sew. (oops, typo….I mis-typed ‘cut fabric and sex four times). Sew not sex. I’m gonna sew today. I have a quilt top unfinished I started three years ago for a bestie after her wedding. She and her lovely husband have bought their first house and what better gift than to finish that quilt? It requires a run to Joann’s. Of, whatever shall I do with such a burden?

I also joined the Sparkle Quilt along. And so I have to pick my fabrics today. I am wondering if this might be a good pattern choice for a niece getting married in March? Time for some investigative work.

I am a princess-in-training and must adjust and acclimate to all things sparkly, glittery and pink. I missed the princess training in childhood becuase I was far too interested in kicking Scotty, Chris and Greg’s asses over in the park. Plus I had kick as “boy toys”: the actual toy variety not the Madonna variety……a metal push petal car, stilts and a toy machine gun that sparks ejected from the nozzle. These were toys the boys wanted and I think….well, I am pretty sure, I was a bully. My mom couldn’t have gotten me in girlish finery if her life had depended on it. Easter Sunday pictures are the extent of girly-girl for my childhood.

So, I am taking remediation lessons now. Its fun. Am I supposed to tell you when I am acting the petulant brat? Or the pouty baby? Hmm….I think you’ll figure it out. And true to my tendency to bite off more than I can chew or exhibit classic ADHD symptoms……oh shiny!!!! I also intend to cut fabric for the friendship pillow tutorial and buy fabric to make my own shopping bags.

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