Sharing Degas

Washington, DC captured my heart many years ago. IN high school, I cam to DC on Close Up trips twice. Riding the underground shuttle between the office building and the Capital Building with then Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neal, shaking hands with then Senator John Glenn, listening to Congress in session, touring the Library of Congress, riding the Metro for the first time….I was captivated. Then I came to DC for undergrad and I left part of myself in this city. I have returned many times over the subsequent decades and it never fails to please me.

I landed at Washington National, now officially called Ronald Reagan Airport, and the day could not have been prettier. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly. Glorious.

It is a chilly 30F this morning but will rise quickly to afternoon temps in the low 60, Perfect walkabout weather. And so off I go to see the Degas exhibit at the Phillips Collection. Art, like a good meal, is a necessary part of my life. Beauty and beautiful things are a personal mandate. But sharing a spectacular meal or the canvass of a long dead master artist with another person is even more so. Nothing can compare to the shared experience.


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