Pieced together


I must buy the walking foot for the Singer Curvy as my old walking foot does not match this machine. Then I will quilt the pillow top and assemble the pillow. I am not sure I enjoyed this process of paper piecing, but now I know how to do it and I understand the value as it allows you to make things smaller. It also allowed my to really highlight the white fabric in each square, which is a swatch I love but had only a small remnant remaining from the other two quilts I made.

I was early to rise this morning, although I slept very well. Foam earplugs help me escape nocturnal cats sounds and the outside world. I made a variation on Martha Stewart’s banana bread, adding pecans, dates, coconut and large red grape raisins. It took an extra 20 minutes to fully bake but was a yummy mid morning breakfast with coffee. Once my younger son arrives for an unexpected Saturday stay over with me while his older brother goes south to Naples for the cousin’s sweet sixteen party, we will head out to the Chickadee Quilt store and to run a few errands.

I wish I could diagnose why I am avoiding opening my novel and working on edits. Truly, it feels as if I’d rather go to the dentist than open the document files that contain my novel. And knowing my sheer terror of the dentist, there is pathology in such avoidance. I think I have lost my punch, my verve, my oomph. I’ve lost the point.  I ended on bended knees today, lost as to why I am so lost. I asked for guidance. No, I asked for very clear directions. Can’t I just follow for a bit? I really don’t have any more answers, honest and if you’re depending on me to know where to go, I wish you luck, because frankly…..I am totally and completely lost. If you’re following me you might be wandering for a really long time.

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