Celebrate the day

Tuesday the 3rd. Returning to work and starting a new year on the same day. So fitting and hopeful for the year that lies ahead and the past week was truly restful. I unwound and relaxed and let my mind off for the week, too. No furious list making. No arm length lists of chores of year end tasks. No match arm length of tasks to complete to welcome the arriving new year. I just let time and space flow. We saw three new movies. We did minimal cookie baking (which means minimal cookie eating and my booty says thank you). I cooked a fun and fabulous New Year’s meal. We slept late and stayed up late. I bought but never opened a sweet bottle of Jolet pink champagne. I’ll save it for another celebration for I am certain I will have reason to celebrate in the next few weeks. And therein lies the truth if things. Life is a celebration. Whether it is Christmas or New Years or simply a Tuesday morning. It is a blessing, a gift and worthy of praise and thanks. This year will be tremendous, stuffed to the seams with wonder and exploration. There may be an equal measure of strife, but what else makes life sweet and amazing but the discordance and grief. I anticipate both and am grateful.


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