Whistle Stop

It’s Friday. It’s the Friday before Christmas. In about 90 minutes, full schedule of patients awaits me at the office and it looks to be quite busy. I don’t feel I am ready for Christmas but I am likely plenty ready. Once my work day is over, my Christmas vacation starts. Vacation is an oxymoron in many ways. Vacation is the span of time you have that precludes your actual JOB but is jammed packed with all that OTHER work that either needs or wants completion. It fills with chores and errands and menial tasks. My vacation is STUFFED and I foresee not getting everything done. Vacation is brain space to THINK about something other than the sleep-eat-work-exercise-sleep cycle. My problem is that I do not foresee on this vacation time to write or edit or compile the information about the contests to which I plan to submit. Or to go on a long nature hike or bike ride. Or work for any extended amount of time out on the property. Vacation will be office administration tasks, resolution of technology problems we have been having, updating corporate documents and year end house keeping. It is a blessing to have all this to fill my time over the next four days until my sons come back home for the second half of their Christmas break.  Now, to just get through this last sprint and make it to the 5 o’clock whistle.

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