Fast Facts belatedly

I missed fast facts on Wednesday. It was one of those weeks. So, on this dreary Saturday morning when I have a list of “should dos” and a second list of “could dos” and a desire to “not do”, I better write a bit, do my errands and leave this house. Otherwise, I may kill the neighbor’s dog whom they so neighborly locked on their back porch and left to BARK ALL DAMN MORNING. Seriously, from about 7am…..and that dog is a champion Tour de France barker. So much for listening to the mourning doves or having my house all open to the morning air while I clean. So, here is my fast facts three days late.

  • Cheese is awesome but one of those foods that is best to not completely understand its production.
  • Being a rare, occasional drinker means that a cocktail can be quite medicinal. It also makes for a cheap date and an easy fool.
  • Whimsy, especially in the natural world is the greatest pleasure. A flower in bloom, a dew covered spider’s web, a big blue jay chasing off a squirrel from the bird feeder, clouds, lunar eclipses….all lovely natural silliness.
  • Disappointment in adulthood is remedial training for maturity . As a child, disappointment can warrant a tantrum, tears, pouting. In adulthood, one must remember that a 45 year old woman flinging herself on the ground and screeching that she refuses to do something is Baker Act worthy….or You Tube fodder. You may want to do it but restraint yourself.
  • Exercise feels good. It is the THOUGHT of exercise that feels bad. Once I am actually exercising and for hours or days after strenuous exercise, I feel really good.
  • Black is my major wardrobe color. It’s not because it’s slimming. Its because black always matches black. Easy. The slimming part is just bonus.
  • I like shoes. My feet are cute shoe feet. They are small (size 7 1/2). But they bitch like long boat size 15 if I wear ill-fitting shoes. Barefoot was once the best option but now, the Diva Feet can’t stand being cold. Good thing I have a snowless environ.

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