Facts for today

It’s Wednesday and here are the facts as I see ’em:

  • I have been painting my own finger and toe nails since I was in junior high. While I like the pampering that comes with a spa manicure and pedicure, I am increasingly grossed out by the idea that the brushes inside those polish pots have been on countless stranger nails. And let’s face it folks, some people have got FUNKY FEET. Ick. I don’t want some sand paper board, pumice stone or cheese grater used on my heels that has removed large amounts of DNA from some other person. Double ick. I will save my dollars and avoid the cringe factor.
  • A teacher is a powerful thing. More than a parent, a teacher opens up a mind to a world of possibilities. So often parents focus on training children about what NOT to do and why. They focus on raising respectable adults who will function in the world. You do that by teaching a child to behave, sit still, follow the rules. But a teacher is a provocateur. They challenge the construct of the world. They alter the shape of the box in which we reside. They encourage you to lift the lid and peek inside, push through the back of the wardrobe and venture forth. Explore, risk and maybe change the world.
  • Forget dollars, gold or munitions. Sugar, coffee and chocolate underpin much of Western society. Cut off those supply lines and you have most of us by the short hairs.
  • I have wrinkles, actually creases in my face. Worry lines and concentration lines. Lines furrowed deep from years of bunching my face up while I study or think or work. And recently, for the first time in my life I wish I didn’t have wrinkles. I would have smacked anyone who had said to me when I was 20, “Don’t bunch your brow up like that when you look through that microscope. You’ll regret it when your 45.” How absurdly vain! At 20, I wanted advice about how to be taken seriously as a person, not how to look better as a woman when I was older. Some sexy feminist should have told me I should do both. Don’t burn your bras ladies; buy good support and wear it well so that when your pushing 50 your tits aren’t sagging.
  • Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Eat local so you know that the fruit or veggies were recently still attached to their umbilical cords. Think of fruits and veggies as if they were table lamps. You want them when their lights are on, full of energy and power. Unfortunately, you have to unplug them to eat them. So eat local.
  • I am a foodie but I like simple and plain food. Follow the five ingredient rule and food gets very simple. It does not have to be boring. Cookies are permitted the 10 ingredient rule. All cookies have the basic seven ingredients and so there are three extra slots to fiddle around. Go forth, be merry and BAKE.

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