Fast Facts

It seems I have developed my own hump day quickie, the Just the Facts, Ma’am post. So here goes.

  • I live quilting and I love starting a new project. I love quilt stores and all the quilt fabrics. I do in there with a color idea or a particular pattern and walk out with a new pile of fat quarters to add to my stash. Here is my latesst project.

  • I like thrift stores and ‘antique stores’. I don’t mean the antique store that auctions items through Christie’s. I mean the thrift store with social climbing ideas, packed to the rim with the thrown off items from peoples’ houses and garages. I found these glasses at a store in Micanopy during the Fall Arts Festival…which is also a glorified craft bazaar with fair food and kettle corn. I found these glasses:

  • A fresh cup of coffee in the morning is bliss. Add a warm scone or a crusty sourdough with homemade jam and Viola! Perfection.
  • I like being silly and talking in foreign accents…or domestic accents. I can’t speak any foreign dialects but I have this knack for sounding like I am from India or China or Alabama or Canada. I could do voice over for Looney Tunes cartoons or Honey Badger videos.
  • I love and seek beautiful things. Things that catch my breath and makes be hold my breath, like this video on Vimeo called Murmuration. Go watch it. Trust me.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love lerve lurve cooking a large meal. I will be ordering my free range never been frozen Tom Turkey today.
  • November 14th is National Pickle Day. Seriously. Their slogan: “Eat a Pickle. Hug a friend.” This is great advice and a fun suggestion.
  • I collect Frankoma pottery. May favorite is the sage blue glaze and I have been very selective as to what I purchase. I won’t ever be one of these crazy ladies with wall-to-wall displays of glassware, bells, spoons and shot glasses. But I will have a special area for showcasing my Frankoma pottery one day. I found this piece on Sunday buried in one of those “antique stores”.

  • I like silly refrigerator magnets. Like these I bought off Etsy a few years ago.

  • I am trying to figure out how to get to D.C to see the Degas exhibit at the Phillips Collection before January 8th.
  • The partial moon with Venus trailing beside her were pretty last night. I would have liked to be out in the woods and since I am not much of a camper, that says a lot about how pretty it was.
  • I dislike stale cupcakes.
  • I like freshly sharpened pencils.
  • I like writing with a proper fountain pen. I lingered in the Mont Blanc store at the Mall of the  Millenia in Orlando, coveting the beautiful pens.
  • I want to try the new conserve from American Spoon foods: Honeycrisp Apple Conserve with star anise and white pepper. Sounds yummy.
  • I registered for a one day writing workshop in December. Jump in the deep end, Lisa and git er done.
  • I have a short list of writing contests that have deadlines for entry in the next 60 days. Ship or e-submitting to about eight of them. Jump in the deep end.
  • I have done my homework, researched agencies that might be suitable for submitting my novel. Jump in the deep end. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They decline? I have a day job. I won’t starve.
  • I started a new story. A new, new story. This is not an idea I have carried with me for decades. This is a new story about a woman and her breasts. She likes her girls. She is standing in a radiology suite getting her girls smashed and squashed having flashbacks and memories of all the times she really liked how her breasts looked: in a bikini top as a teenager, in fancy lingerie, nursing her babies, with lovers.   She fears what might happen to her girls when the radiologist returns and tells her the results of her mammogram.
  • I usually have to work on Wednesday. Today is no different. Happy Wednesday Everyone.

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