Fast Fact Wednesday

I missed my fast facts last Wednesday, being deep in prep work for Thanksgiving. Here are my fast facts for this week:

  • Other than a sandwich and bowl of soup at Panera, I did not spend a dime on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday.
  • I am contemplating canceling Netflix, Audible, XBox Live and several other online gaming providers for the next six months. It would be an interesting behavioral study.
  • I am almost finished with my 11th quilt top of this year and square on for my goal of one quilt a month.
  • Hazelnut flavored coffee is my preference. I definitely dislike cinnamon or nutmeg or fruit flavors in my coffee.
  • I like to cook. I am not much of an eater. My pleasure comes from the creation of food and dishes, from serving and setting a table. I dislike the actual eating part.
  • The small herbs I planted around the base of the trees on my property are thriving. I have lemon thyme, German oregano and regular thyme happy and perky.
  • We hung suet baskets stuffed with long strips of fabric for the birds to pull and use in nest building. The Audubon Society approves of this project.
  • My Realisa calendar project is complete and I received the product in the mail yesterday. Woot! The photos look amazing!
  • I have this coming Friday off. No holiday cooking. No conferences. Just a free Friday.
  • I am registered for a one-day writing seminar next Saturday. I have recommitted to writing and have an idea of a series of short stories.
  • I like Zumba. I wish I could do that belly dancer bootie shake thingy.
  • Dark chocolate still owns. I bought something yesterday called golden berries. Apparently dark chocolate enrobed dried gooseberries also called Incan berries. I am not sure it matters. It’s dark chocolate folks!
  • I bought my ticket to the Degas: Dancers at the Barre exhibit. I am going.
  • I have to go to work. Happy Hump Day folks!

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