Cats feel no shame. They are shameless. Either by guile, pluck or sheer moxie, cats are immune to shame. They have no cat equivalent to tucking their tails and cowering like their canine brethren. A dog can be shamed as easily as a human. Maybe that is why dogs are considered the best companion and why cats usually evoke a complaint about their aloofness. Cats could care less what you think and even less if what you think assigns to they some responsibility. They will have none of this blame or fault. They are Teflon. They do their own thing and they don’t give a rat’s ass f you like it or not. If they are fat or skinny, sleep all day or meow all night. They drag in half dead, eviscerated animals or reptile and leave them in the middle of the floor. They scratch their nails on the damask curtains and look at you like an indignant Sistah walking slowing across a crosswalk against the light. You can honk your horn and yell, but she just keeps walking…..slower….knowing it annoys the crap out of you. A cat can puke up the whole bowl of food they gobbled down after crying incessantly for 10 minutes to be fed. And they will puke again tomorrow, too. They don’t care. They are solitary and unaffected. They are shameless. And yet, I still love a cat. I like dogs but given a choice, I will pick a cat any day. And I think it is because a cat doesn’t need anything from me. They are confident and self-assured and as long as I feed them and clean their litter box, they (occasionally) crawl into my lap and fall asleep. I like the idea of being more cat like.

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