Just the Facts, Ma’am

A dear friend suggested that I make a list of the facts. I like lists. This listing could or might help me better define the dilemma and better focus on reality. By sticking to the facts, I peel away the emotions. By better seeing the facts, I don’t play Mad Libs with the things unknown. Just the facts Ma’am. Lying in bed after waking, the thought dawned on me to make this fact list about everything. I list and compile facts all day with patients. I do it running my business. So why not make these lists about other stuff? So I ask myself, “What do I know?” Specifically, what do I know about myself?

  • I am a woman, mother, doctor, business owner: LOTS of FACTS contained in that short list.
  • I have two sons. They live with me half of the time.
  • I am divorced. My sons live with their father half of the time.
  • I write and have written a full length novel and outlined two other stories. My new characters are Isto, Exan and Arlo. We’re just hanging out right now getting to know one another.
  • I cook and bake and I like to take pictures of it all, check this out
  • I like cats but I have a dog in my future, one of these
  • I drive a spiffy car and will forever drive a spiffy, somewhat impractical car. Cuz cars are grown up toys and toys are meant to be fun. Mine is named Teacake.
  • I quilt and some of my recent projects are here; I wish I had pictures of every quilt I’ve ever sewn and given away.
  • I love chocolate and coffee, especially this coffee and chocolate from this store. I also like to bake with these but they are muy expensivo.
  • I like sandwiches: peanut butter and honey, grilled cheese, a well made Reuben and that really yummy BAT sandwich from Tempo Bistro to Go
  • I like architecture and design and just renewed my subscription to Dwell
  • I like flying places and travel in general
  • I like to read but I also like to linger in bookstores
  • I like flowers and flower gardens and gardens in general
  • I like men
  • I like doing crafts, I could color and draw all day
  • I plan on learning to weld.
  • I have never shot a real gun.
  • I listen to NPR everyday.
  • I can touch my toes
  • I cannot whistle.
  • I like music and I always listen to the lyrics. I let Genius on iTunes pick music for me.
  • I don’t fully understand poetry, but I want to….I know a fair number of dirty limericks. Does that count as poetry?
  • I cannot will not eat Brussel sprouts…and you can’t make me.
  • I drink vodka and not whiskey or gin.
  • I don’t like stout or dark beer. I think beer should be COLD. Otherwise, I think it resembles warm pee.
  • I have a wicked sense of humor.
  • I have a lump in my breast and an MRI in my future and beyond that I just don’t know anything.
  • Oh….and I have to go to work today. And tomorrow.  I like my work.

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