Happy List

I steal from the Bright Yellow Balloon the idea for today’s post. This is a list of random things that make me happy.

  • Softened, room temperature butter which is easy to spread on untoasted bread
  • Lizard Moneybags or AKA a lizard showing his red neck thingy. If you don’t live in the subtropics you’ll have no idea what I am talking about.
  • hotel ice cubes
  • the smell of freshly turned soil
  • sun showers
  • walking in rain puddles
  • static electricity in my hair when I brush it
  • a dog’s wagging tail
  • driving a two lane country road
  • swinging – like at a playground not with other kinky adults
  • licking the beaters after mixing cake batter
  • receiving a REAL letter or card in the mail, with a real stamp
  • presents wrapped in paper and not stuffed in gift bags
  • men’s dress shoes….it is a bit of a fetish
  • sweating
  • scented lotion that matches my perfume
  • freshly sharpened pencils
  • clothesline dried sheets or blue jeans
  • Diet Coke in a can, ice cold but poured over ice into a small glass
  • dark chocolate and only dark chocolate
  • finishing a To Do list
  • clouds
  • crocus – a flower I cannot grow in Florida
  • Monkey grass also known as mondo grass
  • movies at the cinema with a box of Sno-caps
  • reading a map in a new city while walking around
  • museum gift shops
  • escalators or those people movers in airports, even better
  • cracking the spine on a new, hardback book
  • trusting Genius on iTunes and their suggestion being perfect

I like this little exercise. Thinking about even the smallest thing that makes me happy……makes me happier.

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