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Back to it

A long holiday weekend sans my sons and whatever shall I do. I watched a long list of webinar tutorials for my office’s electronic medical record. We’ve been paperless for more than seven years, were early adopters of the EMR but we are implementing a new module and it’s always best to watch the tutorials. Doctors do tend to be a bunch of know-it-alls. I admit freely I don’t know it all but I am willing to learn. I am simultaneously Colonel Klink, “I know nothing!” while telling my staff that I am trainable. Doctors have a long educational history of test taking and evaluations. We like to get it right. After the tutorials, I made this

and this

and I finished a sewing project I won’t share because it is destined for a gift for someone who is a regular reader. :)

I also got my Honey Badger mugs. What a hoot! I am thrilled and simply lurve them.

If you don’t know who Honey Badger is…go listen to Randall tell you all about her here. Trust me….you’ll laugh your ass off.

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