H, I, J, K

H is for Har Har Har

I love a good guffaw. I like to crack up and cut loose. I sat in my living room and listened and watched my 15 year old do a dead on impersonation of me when I am angry and reprimanding him or his little brother. It was a dead ringer and I almost pee’d my pants. I love he is fearless enough to do such a thing. And I can handle it because it is done through humor. Laughter is the best medicine. A daily dose solves so many ills. I can’t be angry at my kids if I have them in stitches and they’ve laughed so hard they have hiccups. I can’t be afraid of an important business meeting if I preface it with the retelling of the antics of the bag boy at the grocery store. Humor diffuses and subverts the most negative of spaces and I want some of it in my life every day.

I is for intuitive

I am an intuitive person. I can’t explain why I want to order a test on some patients. I stick to the facts and the evidence, but every once in a while, I have this intuitive feeling. And I am often right. I anticipate things. It is part of serving other people well: to know what they want before they do. I do a great job at this. It is like playing chess. To play well, to be a master…you play both sides of the board and you play many moves ahead. If this, then that. Go here or here or here. Play enough moves ahead and you can anticipate things, you work through the odds. Whether that is the technical process of intuition or if r percolates up as f a gift from the universe…whatever. I’ve got it.

J is for just

I am a just person. I struggle with fairness. Life and circumstance is not always fair. Fairness is the subjective part of things. Justice is more objective. If there is a contract, I honor it. If I have done something wrong, I own it. If I made a mistake, I definitely own it and prostrate myself with my screw up. I am my harshest judge. I give myself very little grace. And while I can make concessions for the unfairness of life, I cannot circumvent what is just.Lamentations and pity parties are usually because people want to re-categorize issues of justice into issues of fairness. Little Johnny failing 1st grade isn’t about the school being unfair. It is about the school following their own rules and holding themselves and Little Johnny to them.

K is for Kick-in-the-Pants

Some people are just a kick-in-the-pants. That’s me. I am a hand full. High  test, full throttle, light speed, concentrated, intensity. A power house of energy. I am the Energizer Bunny. Full of ideas. Full of ways to make those ideas REAL. Driven to convert those plans into tangible outcomes. I laugh and loudly. I like to converse and discuss. I am not one to fight or be combative. I am a cha-cha-cha, a tango, the electric slide. My mom nicknamed my sisters and I “Itch, Scratch & Rash”. I was the rash. Stop flapping she’d say. Be still. Sit down. As a toddler, learning to crawl….I’d crawl head first into the ocean. She had to pick my up and move me back higher on the beach. I headed right back at the surf. I was and still am a GO BABY.

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