The F word

F is for Formidable

When once used to describe me and my nature, I bristled. “Well, you are a formidable woman, Lisa.” My response was f*#k you. It pissed me off. It felt like someone was telling me I was fat and ugly. Formidable didn’t feel good and I resisted the moniker. Go read the definition. Being formidable. Maybe it’s bad. Maybe it’s good. But when you think of the synonyms, yikes.But formidable gets the job done. And some days, you need heavy equipment. You just can’t build a skyscraper with a set of cutlery. The Great Wall in China was not made with a set of sand castle buckets. And while my forte is that I will hunch down and put my shoulder against the block, it is not all of me. It is a facet, a feature. I am not fearful of getting my hands dirty, my manicure doesn’t hinder me. Nails grow back. And when I received my most recent e-copy of Garden & Gun and the fabulous article about the new Southern Belle, I cheered. I said Amen Sister! And then I thought about Mr. James Taylor and his classic song, Steamroller.


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