May 3: Three

Last night, when I finally got home and after I finally finished  my work, I attempted to make my May 3rd post. May is my number month. Each day’s number is the theme of the post. My intention was to post my newly created three pack of photos in the left sidebar. These are pictures of flowers I have taken myself. I have gone through and cropped, editted, fixed color saturation and exposure. I will add to them and they will randomly change. This is a brief list of other “threes” that I like.

  • I am one of three daughters.
  • Three is my favorite number.
  • The Trinity
  • My two sons and I
  • The three pillows with which I sleep
  • Three lanes of traffic: slow pokes, middle lane and the superfast lane
  • Three words: triple, trifecta, thrice

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