May 6: Friday

Friday is the sixth day of the week. Work dictates we start the count on Sunday. Sweet Friday. T.G.I. Fridays. Praise the Lord and pass the platter Friday. I scurry home and change as quick as a flash. I spend a determined hour cleaning the house. The bathroom mirrors and toilets, change the towels, start the laundry, clean the kitchen well and proper and then light some candles. My Jewish friends light their Shabbat candles and say their prayers. My fellow Floridians pour a cold something and welcome the setting sun. The closer to the western edge of the peninsula, the more enthralled by the sunset we become. The lengthening shadows signify the day is done. The sixth setting sun of a very long week. Here’s to a lovely, relaxing weekend.

This is the afternoon to shed the detritus of the week. Let go of the pressure and strife, breathe deeply and ease into that languid space that is Friday night. Have a calming cup of tea or a small glass of wine or a stout draft of beer. Break bread and focus on home and family. Enjoy and relax.


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